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Director's Message

The time has come for our 2020-21 school year to begin!  This year, with the Pandemic we are brought together for an unfamiliar challenge.  We are coming together as schools and as a community to educate our students through a distance learning model.  Through this model every student in our community has technology at home, making a great leap towards ending the technological divide between those with access and those without.  Our teachers, students, and families are now becoming more tech savvy, if not by choice but from a sense of responsibility to our students and community.  We will continue to provide the best education and address all challenges diligently to support all students’ needs. We will continue to nurture critical thinkers, collaborators, and creators.  We move forward with caution, but most importantly with hope.  We are the Lincoln Heights and El Sereno Community of Schools.  We represent our students.  Our students represent our future. 


                                                                         -Ricardo Tapanes, Director